St. Coleman’s Cafeterium – Pompano Beach, Florida

St. Coleman’s Cafeterium


St. Coleman’s is an elementary and middle Catholic Parochial School in Pompano Beach, Florida. They were desirous of converting the original parish hall into a joint use facility for student lunches and performances. Thus the notion of a “Cafetorium”. JWR through William J. Gallo a parishoner of St. Coleman’s, worked with the Pastor and the Architect to develop a methodology to achieve the intended result from a cost effective point of view. When the original ceilings were opened up JWR discovered long span arched concrete beams. JWR offered the concept of a faux finish on the concrete to have the concrete beams appear as if they were wood. This was a cost effective and striking approach. The building contains a small theater, stage, full commercial kitchen and changing rooms.


Materials were VCT floors, wood column wraps, faux finish concrete beams and new windows.